what3words & Quiqup - 3 word addresses vs regular street addresses

Brand: what3words & Quiqup
Produced by Capture


what3words teamed up with courier company Quipup for a head to head challenge, to compare the the efficiency of courier drivers using 3 word addresses compared to regular street addresses. By giving two Quiqup drivers the same 20 pickup and delivery locations across central London, and allowing one to use the what3words system while the other used regular street addresses they examined who completed the jobs most efficiently - and Capture were there to document the whole thing!

Together with what3words our Director M J McMahon cast two Quiqees, Octavian and Errol, to star in the film and compete against each other to deliver the 20 packages in the fastest time.  We got to Westbourne Studios bright and early with steadicam operator Max Rijavec, armed with a Sony FS7 and four GoPros, a set up that allowed us to capture the whole challenge from beginning to end.

Watch the film below to see the results.