The Girl In The Dress - Titles 

Client: Commissioned by Film London
Writer/Director: Natalie Malla
Format: 2K animated opening title cards, end roller and 2K trailer graphics design

Funded by Film London, Creative Skillset & BFI Network, The Girl In The Dress is a fun romantic comedy, for which the team at Capture designed and animated the opening and closing title sequences. Taking inspiration from the film's colour palette of lilac highlights we attempted to create the feel of a modern wedding invitation with uplifting, light animation to mirror the film's heartwarming and humorous tone.

When it came to the film's trailer the approach was different but linked. We wanted to position the film as clearly within the rom-com genre, whilst maintaining the wedding / lilac-pink lace aesthetics of the film. 

For me, both the trailer and the opening titles of a film give audiences their first impression of the kind of film they are about to watch. They establish expectations of what that film will be, so it is vital that both the titles and the trailer should portray the tone, and style of the film to come while simultaneously enhancing the visual aesthetic established by all elements of your production design. Capture understand this completely and were full of brilliant creative ideas, had great instincts and a keen eye for detail, and with The Girl In The Dress the trailer they produced highlighted the comedy, and the lightness of touch without giving away the twist and their opening titles were beautifully crafted while the motion graphics perfectly portrayed the playful tone of the film. All in all, they were everything I could have hoped for
— Natalie Malla, Director

Opening & End Titles Design & Animation