Pottermore - 3D Animated Owls

Agencies: Pirata / Adam & Eve
Brand: Pottermore


Capture were approached by Pirata and Adam & Eve to create a set of 3D animated owls for the launch campaign of Pottermore, a new creation by JK Rowling.

The owls were everywhere on the week of the launch; YouTube, Time Square, Guardian, ABC News, ITV (Day Break) and many other news outlets around the world.

Capture worked with Atomhawk (illustrators behind Pottermore) to ensure a level of consistancy between the 3D animated owls used during the launch campaign, and the illustrated static owls used later on in the final site.

Captured worked hand-in-hand with the folks at Pirata in order to make sure the final assets worked perfectly across all platforms and channels; online banners, websites, YouTube takeovers and even a Time Square execution.