Once In White City

Once in White City is an epic love story about a mixed race relationship at the dawn of the 20th Century. 

Based on an incredible true story and set across two decades of the 20s and 30s, Once in White City charts the journey of black Canadian boxer Larry Gains, as he travels the world through North America, Great Britain, Germany and France in a heroic quest to claim the World Heavyweight Boxing Title at a time of widespread racism and segregation, The “Colour bar” is up, Can Larry possibly overcome injustice on this scale? 

Amidst the backdrop of the rise of Nazi Germany, he falls in love with Lisa, a white German suffragette. Larry and Lisa fight prejudice, corruption and hatred as they strive to build a life together and fulfil Larry’s lifelong goal. But when his impossible dream is within arms reach, what is Larry willing to lose in order to claim it? 

Once in White City is an uplifting tale of hope, chronicling one man’s journey as he strives to achieve his ultimate dream and prove that love is worth fighting for.

Producers: M J McMahon & Matthew Jones
Format: Theatrical Feature Film
Genre: Drama/Biopic
Status: Development