Killing Thyme - Titles 

Crafting the opening and end titles for Killing Thyme was a process lead entirely by the film's narrative. The film is told from the point of view of 10 year old Sam, so we decided to approach the titles like they had been written out by the lead character himself. 

Starting with pages and pages of hand drawn credits, alphabets, and illustrations done over the course of an afternoon by Joe Reynolds the actor who played Sam we then integrated the hand drawn notes onto a blackboard style setting to subtly underline the teaching and childlike themes of the film. We animated the text and illustrations and gave the whole sequence a warm green glow to bring us back to the film's central aesthetic of gardening and allotments. 

Below are a series of work in progress images showing our process from beginning to end. 

Director: M J McMahon
Format: 2K animated opening titles cards & end roller


Opening Title Sequence

End Title Sequence