Gin & Dry 

Clients: Commissioned by Film London through the Southern Exposures Film Fund, London Borough Fund Short Film Initiative.
Writer/Director: Oscar Plewes
Producers: Matthew Jones & M J McMahon
Length: 15 mins
Genre: Comedy/Drama
Status: Released

Gin & Dry is a comedy drama short film starring David de Keyser, June Watson, Jonathan Slinger and Badi Uzzaman. Albi just wants to enjoy a quiet drink with his lifelong partner Dee. The problem is the Twin Willows retirement home has an alcohol shortage on it’s hands. Worst of all it’s Christmas and the other residents are not happy either. So in the dead of night a plan for a militant booze heist is being hatched.

Gin & Dry is a funny and heartbreaking story about drinking habits, memory and accepting who we are in our old age. It is a reflective look at the relationship between our favourite tipple and our greatest love.

Since its release, Gin & Dry has received 13 award nominations, winning 2, and achieved a Theatrical Cinema Release via Picturehouse Cinemas, which saw the film shown ahead of numerous feature films nationwide.