Brutus 'Horde II' - Music Video

Client: Hassle Records
Artist: Brutus
Director: Lee Holmes
Producer: Matthew Jones & Henrietta Lee

Brutus Horde II v2 Just Hassle.png

Capture were briefed to create a high energy, performance led video for Brutus' track 'Horde II'. To reflect the incredible intensity of a Brutus live performance, we created a fully mirrored set with a hanging garden of lights and placed the band in the middle and let them do what they do best.

The Belgian trio are led by the multi-talented vocalist and drummer Stefanie Mannaerts, taking influence from punk, metal and old fashioned rock and roll so we gave the video the look and feel of those classic straight up, high energy performance led video you used to see.


Brutus Horde II Contact Sheet_v2.png