Nike Higuain - The Perfect Strike

Our latest collaboration with AKQA for NIKE Football Global, focussed in on the striking talents of Argentina’s Gonzalo Higuain. Below are some behind the scenes pics from our recent trip to Madrid, featuring our innovative steadicam dual use of a Canon 7D AND 5D Mark II simultaneously:

You can view the video via our Vimeo channel and below right here too. We hope you like it!

Behind The Scenes With A 5D Mark II

This video marked one of our first tests with the Canon 5D Mark II - and we've been using them ever since!

All shot & edited by Louis Du Mont in North London's Yerbury Primary School over 3 days. You can find out more about the film "You Are Not Alone"  and watch the end product on the digital page.

Below are some still photographs and a 3 minute behind the scenes featurette of Capture hard at work....

UNESCO DVD Packaging

Here at Capture we love a bit of graphic design & photography alongside our motion work. Below are some pics of a DVD package for UNESCO Wales & the Tourism Partnership of North Wales which we designed and project managed from creation, through delivery, and into replication of 2500 DVDs which were distributed to schools across Wales: