We are a Film and Animation company. We work with agencies and brands to deliver exciting, challenging and diverse pieces of work; from animated CG characters to high-end film production.

Pottermore - 3D Animated Owls
3D animated owls to support the launch campaign for Pottermore by JK Rowling
Toblerone Stop-Motion Animation
Stop-motion Toblerone animation for the 'What makes your Toblerone Toblerone?' campaign
MacAskill Conquers - Titles
Intro animation for a 1hr TV programme dedicated to Trial Biker Danny MacAskill
Nokia - 100 Million in 100 Seconds
Animated film for international mobile phone and communications brand.
Pride Of Britain
3D animation and Motion Graphics for the ITV1 and The Daily Mirror awards show.
Pottermore Shop - Preroll Animation
Promotional animation for the launch of the Pottermore Shop
Bud Ice - Journey Below Zero
Design, animation and consulting for a 3D racing game for the iPhone and iPad
Synexus- TV Commercial
3D animated TV commercial for large pharmaceutical research company
Shadows Of Liberty
Motion Graphics and bespoke illustrated animation for feature length documentary film.
Pottermore - Magic Quills
3D animated Quills to support the online campaign for Pottermore by JK Rowling
Way Back Home - Titles
Intro sequence for a 30min documentarty about Trial Biker Danny MacAskill
Hawk - CG & VFX
A number of VFX shots including 3D and comping for this Capture production